Quality Policy

Warranty Voids if:

1.The warranty card is not completed properly at the time of purchase.

2. The completed warranty card is not presented to the authorised personnel at the time of
service of the product.

3. The player is not operated according to instructions given in the "user Guide".

4. Defects are caused by improper or reckless use, which shall be determined by the company personnel.

5. Any repair work carried out by persons other than authorised company personnel .

6. Defects caused beyond control like abnormal voltage,acts of god or while in transit to service
Centre or purchaser 's residence .

7. The warranty is not valid in case the serial number is deleted , defected or altered .

8. Damage to the player or and parts due to transportation or shifting is not covered by the warranty.

9. The warranty automatically expires after Six Months of original date of purchase, even if the player
may not be in use for any time for whatever reasons during the warranty period.

10. Warranty strictly not valid, if warrantly seal is tempered/altered or remove.

11. Warranty does not covered on critical parts like optical lens and power I.C .